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Standing room only at the June 25 Town Hall 

More than 180 people came to learn about the new UW Medicine partnership with Lopez Clinic. After a 30-minute presentation by the CWMA, Dr. Wilson, the new Public Hospital District commission president and Jay Priebe and Debra Gussin of UW Medicine, the audience was invited to “join the conversation.” For the next hour, islanders made comments and asked questions ranging from their personal insurance coverage to the new options for physical therapy, death with dignity, community needs and much, much more.

For those who couldn’t attend, the meeting was recorded and is available:
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Physical Therapy Update

June15, 2017

When Island Hospital announced they were terminating their long-standing lease and operating agreement for the Lopez Island Medical Clinic, there were two separate groups that were affected. The first was the family practice providers and staff. The second was the physical therapy group, which operates as an outpatient satellite of Island Hospital Physical Therapy.

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UW Medicine and Catherine Washburn Medical Association
Announce Partnership for Lopez Island Medical Clinic

May 12, 2017

UW Medicine and Catherine Washburn Medical Association (CWMA) announced today that they reached a partnership agreement in which UW Medicine will assume management of Lopez Island Medical Clinic.

This past April, UW Medicine announced a similar agreement with Orcas Medical Center. While UW Medicine will manage both clinics, the two entities will continue to operate independently. UW Medicine will employ telemedicine and other new technologies while drawing on the strengths of both communities to provide the best care possible. UW Medicine has historically played a key role in the San Juan Islands through Airlift Northwest, which provides access to emergency care not otherwise available. 

To ensure a successful transition, Island Hospital will continue to manage Lopez Clinic through September, 2017.  UW Medicine is working with Lopez Clinic staff this week to begin the transition process.

On Tuesday, April 25, Lopez voters passed a measure creating a public hospital district that will support the clinic through property taxes. The initiative received overwhelming support with 86% voting in favor. The public hospital district figures prominently in the new partnership by helping to create fiscal sustainability intended to cover expected financial losses.

“The CWMA board believes the partnership with UW Medicine will be excellent for Lopez Island,” said Marty Clark, president of the CWMA. “UW Medicine is one of the premier medical providers in the United States. We are very fortunate to have their outstanding expertise and support.”

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with the Lopez Island community,” said Dr. Brian Goldstein, chief health system officer for UW Medicine. “UW Medicine has always provided medical care in rural communities and the expanded management role with both the Lopez Island Medical Clinic and Orcas Medical Center is a natural extension of our commitment to improving public health.” 


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Dr. Bob Wilson discusses preventative care with a patient.

Lopez Island Medical Clinic has been providing first-class healthcare since 1974. Specializing in family practice and preventive medicine, Dr. Bob Wilson and Nurse Practitioner Christine Burnell lead an outstanding team of caring professionals who deliver efficient, courteous, high-quality medical care to the Lopez Island community and its visitors.

This website offers information about both the Lopez clinic and the Catherine Washburn Medical Association (CWMA), the non-profit organization which built Lopez clinic and is solely responsible for its on-going funding. On the left, Lopez clinic; on the right, the CWMA.

Our clinic couldn't exist without the financial support of this community. The Lopez Island Medical Clinic was not only built, equipped, and maintained entirely with islanders' donations, today it is that same friends-and-neighbors' funding that keeps our clinic open and thriving. The CWMA is the group of local volunteers who organize and manage those fundraising efforts.

Lopez Island Medical Clinic Hours

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact the clinic

Phone: (360) 468-2245

Medical Emergencies

Dial 911 for the Lopez Island Fire District Emergency Medical Services

Island Hospital, now affiliated with Lopez Clinic

Toll-free from Lopez: 855-440-4200


The clinic is located in the heart of Lopez Village on the corner of Washburn Place and Village Rd.

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