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Health Matters - Spring 2017

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FAQs about the proposed Public Hospital District

March 7, 2017

Background: In September 2016, after 23 years partnering with Lopez Clinic, Island Hospital gave notice they would terminate their contract in June, 2017, explaining that operating a remote clinic in the current healthcare environment had become too challenging. Immediately, members of the Catherine Washburn Medical Association, the non-profit volunteer board that supports our clinic, began working with Dr. Wilson, clinic staff and community members to find a new model of management that would meet our needs. It became immediately apparent that whether we found a new partner or went independent, keeping the clinic in operation would require on-going financial support from the Lopez community. After exploring options, the group felt that a Public Hospital District would be an excellent mechanism; it met their criteria of being financially sound, fiscally responsible, fair and equitable for our community. This is the same tool being used successfully to support many other rural, remote clinics around the country. A petition was put forward to put the measure on the ballot. While only about 200 signatures were needed, more than 500 individuals signed the petition. The two issues on that ballot are the proposed public hospital district and the election of commissioners to administer the district.

What happens if the Public Hospital District doesn’t pass, will the clinic close?
The clinic will not immediately close if the measure doesn’t pass, but it will be thrust into a tough financial position. Potential partners will no longer be interested in partnering, putting us in the position of having to go independent. Independence is a lengthy process that will have significant impacts.

In the short term, clinic services would be drastically reduced. For a period of time we would be able to serve urgent care patients only. Everyone else would need to go off island for their medical care until funding and business operations are in place to offer full services again.

Passing the hospital district assures that Lopez property owners will meet that financial need now, not delay until a financial crisis develops. The bottom line is this: Lopez Clinic must have additional funding. While we might limp along using our reserves for a period of time, the clinic will eventually close without our community’s financial support.



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Dr. Bob Wilson discusses preventative care with a patient.

Lopez Island Medical Clinic has been providing first-class healthcare since 1974. Specializing in family practice and preventive medicine, Dr. Bob Wilson and Nurse Practitioner Christine Burnell lead an outstanding team of caring professionals who deliver efficient, courteous, high-quality medical care to the Lopez Island community and its visitors.

This website offers information about both the Lopez clinic and the Catherine Washburn Medical Association (CWMA), the non-profit organization which built Lopez clinic and is solely responsible for its on-going funding. On the left, Lopez clinic; on the right, the CWMA.

Our clinic couldn't exist without the financial support of this community. The Lopez Island Medical Clinic was not only built, equipped, and maintained entirely with islanders' donations, today it is that same friends-and-neighbors' funding that keeps our clinic open and thriving. The CWMA is the group of local volunteers who organize and manage those fundraising efforts.

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