Contact the Clinic


If you are experiencing a medical emergency call 911.



Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to Contact Us

Phone: (360) 468-2245
After Hours: call 911 in case of emergency
FAX: (360) 468-2856

NOTE: the Lopez Island Medical Clinic cannot communicate with patients by email due to HIPAA regulations regarding security and privacy concerns. Please call us during office hours.

After Hours & Medical Emergencies

Dial 911 for the Lopez Island Fire District Emergency Medical Services

Island Hospital

To call Island Hospital toll-free, dial 855-440-4200.
     Business Office: ext. 1378
     Radiology: ext. 1315
     Laboratory: ext. 1307


The clinic is located at the corner of Washburn Place and Village Rd., across from the Children's Center and the Farmer's Market site.